New York City

Harald had an office in the Greater Whitehall building overlooking Battery park and Bowling green on the southern tip of Manhattan. It was constructed in 1908-1910 and was at the time the largest office building on Manhattan and is now an offical NYC landmark.

See for example

On the first picture, Harald has shown with an arrow where 'our office' is. On the photo you can see the original Whitehall building (built 1902-1904) in the foreground. The bottom picture seems to show the view from the office

In 2010, the whitehall buildings are in nice shape. They are just in front of the (now non-existent) world trade center complex.

Whitehall building. N.Y. city.

June 2010: View from Battery Park, world trade center should have been in background

Custom house and bowling green, N.Y. City.

June 2010: View from Bowling green

Penn St Station. This building was torn down by Moses in the 1960's

Forest Hills, L.I.

Olof Hagsand 2010