Lehigh valley transit co

Lehigh valley transit company (LVT) operated interurban trolleys (streetcars) between Allentown and Upper Darby. It was actually LVT that in 1911 organized and initiated the building of the eight street bridge in Allentown because it wanted to reach the other side of Little Lehigh Creek.

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There are several photos of constructing the railroad, and seem to be close to Allentown around 1912. We are not sure that it is only LVT. One photo is marked (on the back-side) Akron (Ohio?), and LVT did not go there.

Unfortunately some of the photos are of bad quality (not scanned).

From lehigh valley transit co. Track work near Allentown 1912.

A "dutch" track gang.

"Hunks" and "dagoes"

Olof Hagsand 2010