Eight Street Bridge, Allentown, PA

The Eight street bridge in Allentown, Pennsylvania, opened on Monday, November 17th, 1913. It was later renamed to Albertus L. Meyers Bridge. At the time of opening, it was the highest and longest reinforced concrete bridge in the world.

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Harald has many pictures from 8th street bridge spanning from Feb 1912 to 1913, including several pictures of workers and related activities.

Diamond core boring outfit. Feb 1912.

Base of derrick on top of pier. Sept 1912.

Eight street bridge, Allentown, PA. (ca 1912)

Foremen and laborers of the carpenter force.(ca 1912)

Nov 1912.

8th street. January 1913.

Inspector and foreman.

Dec 1913.

Dutko Schmitt Cartright Bragg. Inspectors. Surveyors.

W. Eighth street bridge Allentown Pennsylvania.

June 17, 2010

Trees grew up to the bridge, difficult to get a view of the whole bridge. Best views were from the Martin Luther King drive.

View from Martin Luther King drive, towards east.

Directly below at Martin Luther King Drive.

Olof Hagsand 2010
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