Central Bridge, Lawrence, MA

Central bridge, Lawrence, Mass over Merrimac. Some of Harald's photos are dated in 1914. The bridge was completed in 1918, when Harald had gone back to Sweden. Renamed after WW1 to Joseph W Casey Bridge. Our guess is that the building of the bridge was interrupted during the war.

In June 2010, industrial Lawrence has seen better days, the river still floats under the river but the mills lining the river seem abandoned. We parked at an empty parking lot at the base of the bridge and I went down to the river bank and stepped over some debris to get some shots, as shown below.

Central Bridge over Merrimac River. Lawrence Mass. (ca 1914)

June 2010: Photo with brink in foreground, mills in background.

Central Bridge, Lawrencere, Mass. (ca 1914)

June 2010: Photo from south-west river bank.

Doonan, Central Bridge, Lawrencere, Mass. (ca 1914)

June 2010: parking lot at base of bridge.

Olof Hagsand 2010
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